Donor gun modification – If you would like to supply your own donor gun (whether working, non-working, old or new) to be built into any of the Gunslinger models we currently make, or into a gun of your own design then feel free to contact us here and we’ll get back to you with further prices and details.

R/S-hop £35 – Barrel fitted with an R/S-hop patch, hop arm modified and fitted with new nub, modified bucking. Gun range tested.

Tri-shot Shotgun (spring version) Upgrade service £70 – S-hopping of all 3 barrels, installation of a Gunslinger adjustable hop unit. The hop unit will also be setup on 0.3g bb’s. Approximate range after service 50m+ (gun dependant)

Service £40 – Gun stripped down including gearbox and hop unit. You’ll be informed of any issues and or need for repair parts at this point. Rebuilding will include re-shimming of gearbox, tidying of wires, cleaning of hop parts and barrel etc.

Repairs and upgrades – Prices and work dependant on repairs needed and desired upgrades.

If there is anything else you need that isn’t listed above please feel free to contact us here.