Gunslinger is run and owned by me, Lloyd Montgomery. I’ve been an avid airsofter for over 20 years now and you will find me playing nearly every week at my local skirmish site, Combat South, where Gunslinger first started with a small stand running an airsoft wild west style quick draw game and shooting range.

The quick draw game and shooting range soon took a back seat to the sale and modification of airsoft guns as I much prefer to play on the weekends rather than work. Though the quick draw game has now evolved into a single player machine and still comes out on special occasions.

The first Gunslinger custom gun was the M4 Machine Pistol initially developed so I had a potent secondary when sniping during the cold winter months. The popularity of the M4 Machine Pistol moved Gunslinger into what it is today, modified, new and second hand gun sales and airsoft tech services.

Feel free to contact me here with any queries about any of the weapons or services on offer.